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New Zealand Road Rules

New Zealand's roads are of a generally high standard and the main roads are all sealed. All roads, including those in rural locations, are signposted.

  • Remember to drive on the left!
  • All distances are in kilometres
  • 98% of New Zealand roads are single lane roads in each direction.

What's different about driving in New Zealand?

Although New Zealand is a relatively small country, it can take many hours to drive between cities and other destinations of interest. Even when distances are short, hilly or winding terrain or narrow secondary roads can slow your journey.

It is well worth your time to read through the below links – although some of it is repetitive, it all adds up to making you aware of what you need to know for a safe motorbike touring vacation in New Zealand:

Specific To Motorbike Riding

  • Helmets for riders and pillion passengers of motorbikes must be worn at all times.
  • Motorbikes should drive with a headlight on at all times.