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Relocation Specials

Lots of Relocations Going on:

We have a busy 2 months coming up for January through March 2018 with relocations - too many to list. Drop us an email at harley@bularangi.com with your dates and what you are trying to do and we will see if we can help you! Daily rates are NZ$200 - NZ$225 per day.

Looking for a longer term rental in New Zealand (over 3 weeks)?

We have older bikes on our fleet available for a longer term rental or buy back at substantially discounted rates to our usual daily rates.

Currently we have:

2005 Heritage Softail Classic FLSTC - Daily rate dependent on length of hire.

Email us for a quote.

Relocation Specials

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime when you ride the amazing roads of New Zealand with Bularangi Motorbikes. We offer Harley Davidson rentals and motorcycle tours nationwide throughout all of New Zealand.

We offer a range of services and experiences to choose from and can customize any trip to your absolute requirements for Harley Davidson rentals or tours throughout New Zealand. Our nationwide Harley Davidson rentals and tours service has depots in Auckland, Waihi, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

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WhatsApp +64212235844
E-mail harley@bularangi.com
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Bularangi Motorbikes

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