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Self Ride Tours

Self-ride tours offer you the opportunity to tour New Zealand by Harley Davidson motorcycle with all the details of the tour taken care of by Bularangi. All you need to do is ride your bike following the programmed GPS and we have your route all planned out and your accommodation booked in advance.

Why Choose a Self- Ride Motorcycle Tour of New Zealand

  • It gives you the opportunity to ride an organised motorcycle tour without having to ride with a larger group of people.
  • We can customise the motorbike tour to be the exact number of days you wish to ride for.
  • The motorcycle tour can start and finish at any of our depots nationwide.
  • All your accommodation is booked up for you to a standard of your choosing – and you can choose different standards of accommodation throughout the tour if you wish.
  • The motorcycle tour route is fully programmed in a GPS for you so you just simply have to follow the GPS.
  • It is a more cost effective way to tour New Zealand than taking a guided tour, helping those on tighter budgets.

What is included on a self- ride motorcycle tour of New Zealand?

  • Pick up and return of Harley Davidson to same location, either Auckland, Wellington, Waihi, Christchurch or Queenstown. If you wish to do a one way hire between two depots there is a $350 one off charge, but if the tour is 14 days or greater there is no one way charge.
  • Unlimited kilometres of hires of 3 days or greater
  • 3 days or less hire period limited to 350kms per day, any excess over this charged at 0.70 cents per kilometre
  • Accommodation each night of bike hire in accommodation standard of your choosing.
  • Breakfast included with all 4 and 5 star accommodation packages, but option offered of 4 star without breakfast as well (see star ratings info).
  • No other meals are included.
  • GPS System with route planned in for you.
  • Helmet, jacket and gloves for rider and pillion passenger if required - open or closed face available.
  • Ferry crossings between North and South Islands if applicable.
  • Full itinerary route plan for you.

Prices - Self Ride Tours

All prices shown are in NZ$ and include all goods and sales taxes.

Accommodation Type Bike Icon
Person Icon
1 room
Bike Icon
Person IconPerson Icon
1 room
Bike IconBike Icon
Person IconPerson Icon
1 room
Bike IconBike Icon
Person IconPerson Icon
2 rooms
3 Star Standard $579 per day $594 per day $924 per day $1,138 per day
4 Star Standard
(breakfast not included)
$695per day $710 per day $1,040 per day $1,369 per day
4 Star Standard
(breakfast included)
$735 per day $790 per day $1,120 per day $1,449 per day
5 Star Standard
(breakfast included)
$948 per day $1,003 per day $1,334 per day $1,875 per day

Self Ride Tours

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime when you ride the amazing roads of New Zealand with Bularangi Motorbikes. We offer Harley Davidson rentals and motorcycle tours nationwide throughout all of New Zealand.

We offer a range of services and experiences to choose from and can customize any trip to your absolute requirements for Harley Davidson rentals or tours throughout New Zealand. Our nationwide Harley Davidson rentals and tours service has depots in Auckland, Waihi, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

Relocation Specials

Want to ride between the North and South Islands?

We have got $100 off daily rental rates for short notice relocations between Auckland and Christchurch or vice versa.

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