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Terms & Conditions

It is important to read through our terms and conditions below regarding renting or touring on our Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Motorcycle Rental and Tours - Deposits and Payments

The payment of a deposit of any part or full payment for a reservation on this motorcycle tour/rental shall constitute consent to all the provisions herein. A 35% deposit is due when the booking is confirmed in writing either by e-mail, completion and return of a Bularangi Motorbikes online reservation form or other means.

Any existing medical conditions should be clearly declared at the time of booking.

The balance of monies owing to Bularangi is required 45 days before motorcycle tour/rental commences.

A 3% surcharge will be added to all credit card payments.

Motorcycle Rental and Tours - Insurance and Bond


All Bularangi motorcycle tours/rentals are covered by full comprehensive motorcycle insurance in New Zealand. This is included in the daily motorbike rental rate /tour price.

The insurance cover provided by Bularangi Motorbikes for riders who hire our motorbikes provides cover for any damage that occurs to the bike whilst in the care, custody or control of the hirer. The insurance also extends to cover any damages caused to third parties, be it property or the third parties themselves; provided that it can be proven that the hirer is liable for the damages/loss. In the event of an accident the hirer will be responsible for the first $3,000 worth of damages

Bularangi recommends all clients have personal travel insurance and we can assist with recommending travel insurance policies for our clients.


Before commencing your motorcycle rental/tour a bond of NZ$3,000 is required on collection of your motorcycle and is payable in cash, MasterCard, or Visa.

The bond is fully refundable if the conditions of the motorcycle return have been satisfied; the motorcycle is returned to the agreed location, on the agreed date; the motorcycle is returned in a reasonably clean and tidy condition and the motorcycle has not been damaged or involved in an accident. If any of the above have not been complied with, the bond is kept and a refund given to the client after any costs associated with the bike and its condition after the rental, have been rectified to the satisfaction of Bularangi .

Motorcycle Rental and Tours - Cancellation Policy - 3 Bikes or Less Booked In The Group

Cancellation Policy - this relates to any booking that is 3 bikes or less in a group

Requests for cancellation must be received in writing and our cancellation fees are:

Greater than 90 days before proposed tour/rental start date – no charge apart from credit card fees that Bularangi may have incurred in processing credit card payments.

Between 90 and 45 days before proposed tour/rental start date – 35% of total booking amount

Less than 45 days before proposed tour/rental start date – total value of tour forfeited.

Bularangi reserves the right to cancel any tour/rental prior to departure, in which payment will be refunded in full without further obligation on the part of Bularangi.

Motorcycle Rental and Tours - Group Cancellation Policy - Greater Than 3 Bikes Booked In The Group

Cancellation Policy - this relates to any booking that is 4 bikes or more in a group

If you have more than 3 bikes booked for your group you fall under our group booking terms and conditions.  The deposit per bike at time of booking is non refundable (but transferable to another rider) in the amount of NZ$1,250 against your booking value. 

At 90 days from rental/tour commencement we require confirmation that the rental/tour is going ahead and payment of 50% of your total booking.

If a group rental/tour is cancelled between 90 and 60 days before proposed tour/rental start date – 50% of total booking forfeited

If a group rental/tour is cancelled between 59 and 0 days before proposed tour/rental start date – 100% of total booking forfeited

Motorcycle Rental and Tours - Change to Planned Route and Early/Late Return Conditions

Motorcycle Rental and Tours - Change to Planned Activity/Route

Bularangi and its guides/instructors/contractors retain the right to curtail or change a tour or rental for groups or individuals at any time if Bularangi considers safety is compromised.

Motorcycle Rental and Tours - Early returns

There will be no refunds for early returns of motorcycle/s.

Motorcycle Rental and Tours - Late return fee

Failure to return the motorcycle at the agreed time will result in a late fee equivalent to the daily rental rate per day plus additional charges of $150 per day.

Motorcycle Rental and Tours - Accidents, Damage and Breakdowns

Mechanical repairs

Puncture and tyre damage are the responsibility of the Hirer.

The undersigned will be liable for any cost associated with the incorrect use of fuel or contamination of the fuel tank.

All repairs must be authorised by Bularangi management before any repair work is undertaken.

Mechanical failure

In the event of mechanical failure Bularangi will endeavour to repair or replace the motorcycle within 24 hours of initial notification, this may not always be possible and will be at the discretion of Bularangi . Provision is subject to availability, client location, accident liability and remaining hire duration.

Motorcycle Rental and Tours - Waiver and Release

The undersigned understands the requirements and conditions and is aware that the tour / rental and its activities involve the risk of personal injury and damage or loss of property. In consideration of the benefits to be derived from participation in the tour / rental, the undersigned voluntarily accepts all risks of personal injury and property damage arising from participation on the tour / rental.

The clients of Bularangi Motorbikes New Zealand hereby agree that they and their dependents, heirs, executors and assigns, do release and hold harmless Bularangi and the employees, directors, and representatives of Bularangi from any and all claims of illness, bodily injury, death or property damage or loss, however caused, arising from or related to this motorcycle tour/rental in New Zealand.

This exclusion is subject to any rights or remedies you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

Kilometre Limits For Rentals

  • Unlimited kilometres of hires of 3 days or greater

  • 3 days or less hire period limited to 350kms per day, any excess over this charged at 0.70 cents per kilometre

Riding Gear

  • From the 2020/21 season we no longer include gear in the rental price - helmet, jacket, gloves and wet weather gear are available for hire at $2 per day per item.  We encourage all riders to bring their own gear for their own comfort.

Terms & Conditions

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime when you ride the amazing roads of New Zealand with Bularangi Motorbikes. We offer Harley Davidson rentals and motorcycle tours nationwide throughout all of New Zealand.

We offer a range of services and experiences to choose from and can customize any trip to your absolute requirements for Harley Davidson rentals or tours throughout New Zealand. Our nationwide Harley Davidson rentals and tours service has depots in Auckland, Waihi, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

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