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Chauffeured Passenger Tours

Ever wanted to take a ride on a Harley Davidson motorbike, but don’t have your motorbike licence? Bularangi Motorbikes can arrange this for you!

You simply sit on the back passenger seat of the Harley Davidson motorbike, with a back-rest to support you, and your own personal chauffeur rides the bike. This is a truly unique way to sightsee New Zealand – feel the wind in your face, see the sights up close and personal and smell the beautiful fresh air and smells of New Zealand.

Harley Davidson Chauffeured Passenger Tours Around New Zealand

We offer the Harley Davidson chauffeured passenger tours out of Auckland, Waihi, Tauranga, Christchurch and Queenstown. Our minimum tour is a 2 hour tour and then you can do anything upwards of this.

About the Bikes and Gear

All are bikes are super comfortable bigger Harley Davidsons and all have passenger back-rests for your comfort.

We provide the helmets, jackets and gloves for the ride and we ask that all passengers wear long trousers and covered shoes – this is for your comfort.

Prices - Chauffeured Passenger Tours

All prices shown are in NZ$ and include all goods and sales taxes.

Clock IconTime Dollar IconCost
2 hour tours $295 per bike
4 hour tours $495 per bike (plus entry to any attractions you visit)
8 hour tours $625 per bike (plus entry to any attractions you visit)

We can offer multi day tours and you need to email us for a quotation for these.

Chauffeured Passenger Tours

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime when you ride the amazing roads of New Zealand with Bularangi Motorbikes. We offer Harley Davidson rentals and motorcycle tours nationwide throughout all of New Zealand.

We offer a range of services and experiences to choose from and can customize any trip to your absolute requirements for Harley Davidson rentals or tours throughout New Zealand. Our nationwide Harley Davidson rentals and tours service has depots in Auckland, Waihi, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

Relocation Specials

Want to ride between the North and South Islands?

We have got $100 off daily rental rates for short notice relocations between Auckland and Christchurch or vice versa.

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