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Cruising New Zealand by Harley Davidson with Bularangi Motorbikes

Mase and Pat Salter LOVED New Zealand

Published 27 Nov 2018 by Ali Howie

Loving New Zealand by Harley
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Beautiful Spring Cruising - Guest reviews 2018

Published 15 Nov 2018 by Ali

We've been lucky enough to have the most beautiful Spring, which has meant incredibly happy guests! Before heading into the busy season we wanted to reflect on the last few months of riding. Thanks Lindsay, Lyall, Sherryl, Adrian and Penwahr - we loved hosting you!
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Our 2018 Motorbike Tours in New Zealand

Another great summer of cruising - Guest reviews 2018

Published 3 Jul 2018 by Ali

With the summer 2017/18 season done and dusted, it’s a great time to reflect on some of the highlights. Whether it was a fully planned itinerary, or self-guided group, our riders had a blast and wanted to share some of their experiences.
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Our 2018 Motorbike Tours in New Zealand

How 2018 started off for us at Bularangi Motorbike Tours

Published 30 Jan 2018 by Baz

Here's a sneak peek into our first few Motorbike Tours of New Zealand in 2018 at Bularangi Motorbike Tours.
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