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Why Choose New Zealand – Harley Davidson Motorcycle Touring

From the huge volcanoes of Tongariro National Park to the sheer granite cliffs of the Milford Road, New Zealand’s famously scenic roads makes it one of the best destinations for motorcycle touring.

But it’s not just the scenery that makes New Zealand motorbike touring such a standout. Things like our cheeky wildlife, friendly local biker folk and easy navigation combine to create a riding experience you’ll never forget.

Below, we’ve put together five reasons that make New Zealand hard to resist when it comes to choosing a destination for your Harley Davidson touring vacation.

The scenery

For a small country, New Zealand sure does pack a lot in. In the South Island, the rugged mountains of the Southern Alps, towering Fiords, crystal-clear alpine lakes and golden beaches – all often within easy reach of each other – mean that no day on the bike is ever the same. The North Island offers equal diversity; volcanoes, bubbling mud pools, lush native forests and perfect coastline make it hard to choose which island you want to spend time touring (we say - do both!)

Some of New Zealand’s most scenic roads:

The Milford Road – Linking Te Anau with Milford Sound, this road has been named ‘one of the most scenic roads in the world’. Towering granite cliffs, glacier-carved valleys, mirror-like lakes and lush rainforests mean the Milford Road is a leg you’ll never forget.

The Coromandel Loop – Twists and turns reveal a mix of the Coromandel Ranges combined with picture-perfect coastline, rugged headlands and surf beaches.

Tongariro National Park – Fields of dry tussock, huge volcanoes and forested mountains dot this otherworldly landscape.

Gates of Haast to Queenstown – connecting the West Coast to Queenstown, this road is something special. Bright blue lakes, towering waterfalls, massive mountains and a brand new view around every corner.

The twists & turns

You can look forward to high quality roads that are fun to ride when touring New Zealand by motorcycle. A compelling mix of gentle curves, fun twists and long straights means that you’ll enjoy the journey, every single day. New Zealand roads are very well maintained.

The friendly kiwi biker folk

Kiwis are known for their down-to-earth, friendly natures, and local kiwi biker folk are no different. They’ll happily have a yarn about what life is like in New Zealand – and they’ll also probably give you a few tips on where to stop along the next leg of your journey! All New Zealanders speak English, so ordering lunch, stopping for gas or asking for directions here is never a hassle.

The easy navigation

Signs are all in English, and New Zealand roads are well signposted everywhere you go. Easy navigation around the country means that you’re able to enjoy more of what’s going on around you, without worrying that you’ve taken the wrong turn. We can arrange daily GPS hire for a small fee to make things even easier.

The quiet roads

Are you used to heavy traffic and manic drivers? Then motorcycle touring in New Zealand will be like a breath of fresh air. Because our population is relatively small, as soon as you’re out of the big cities the roads become pretty quiet. It’s a very relaxing way to ride; just you & the open roads means that you’ll never feel hassled or rushed.

New Zealand is the ultimate Harley Davidson touring destination. The ease of getting around, coupled with friendly locals and some of the most stunning roads you’ve ever seen means that choosing New Zealand for your motorcycle touring vacation is a decision you won’t regret.