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Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Hire in New Zealand

  • Storage of clients’ excess luggage during motorcycle rental period – any excess luggage can be left at our depots or we can arrange transfer between depots if required.
  • All our Harley Davidson motorbikes have passenger back rests, . panniers/saddle bags and either a top box or luggage rack.
  • All our Harley Davidson motorbikes have crash bars and highway pegs.
  • Day hire is from 0830 hours to 1730 hours.
  • All our prices quoted are in NZD and include New Zealand Goods and Services Tax.
  • You must hold a full motorcycle licence to rent one of our Harley Davidson motorbikes.
  • We also require a copy of your passport details for hiring one of our bikes, and we will take this copy as we process your rental.
  • All renters/hirers must sign a Bularangi Motorbikes rental agreement before taking the motorcycle out on hire.
  • Bularangi Motorbikes has GPS systems available that can be fitted to your bike so there is never any need to get lost on the New Zealand Roads – this is an extra charge of NZ$10 per day.

See our full terms and conditions.